Amelia May Johnson

I ain't that interesting

'Ey, there! I'm Amelia May Johnson, also known as TheAmeliaMay — but don't assume it's me if you find an account registered under that name, because apparently a few people thought of it before I did... Poor username choices aside, this is my website, and you're here to figure out who I am or how to get in touch. Luckily for you: I have a contact page! You can message me on social media, but I check my email more often.

I'm an intermediate-level programmer who focuses mostly on web design. I know HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, and Python; I'll code in other languages occasionally, but those are the only ones I know well. I talk about politics a lot, which you can quite easily tell by looking at my social media pages. I might run for Arkansas House as an Independent in 2024 if I can find the time and money.

I'm an admin at SaidIt (a free speech forum where you won't get banned for being politically incorrect) but I don't really do much other than remove ads. I'd definitely recommend making an account there if you can ignore the trolls.

If you're here for my party control map: I'll be moving it to GitHub sometime in the future. In the meantime: just go to ballotpedia, we can't always have pretty maps of every dataset on the Internet.

I have no idea what to put here.