Hey, there! I'm Amelia May Johnson, an 18 year-old from Arkansas, one of the many states of the United States. A few important things about me: I'm transgender, a hobbyist programmer, and a political Independent aligned with the Reform Party. I write essays and do projects such as presentations and informational videos. I post them here whenever they're published so I (and everyone else) have a single database of everything I've made! Feel free to browse their respective pages.

This website doesn't have a single theme, rather it'll consist of various topics — whatever I decide to do in the moment. The format is a work in progress, but given enough time it'll get better! I'm thinking about an old, 90s-style website like what's common here on neocities, but that might change. This website might not work correctly on all devices, though I've tried to make it as compatible as possible. You can access the desktop version on mobile by turning your phone onto its side (though it won't look right until the toolbar disappears).

And if you're wondering, yes, I coded this entirely on my own. I self-taught HTML and CSS using resources on the Internet, such as w3schools.com which I recommend for anyone who wants to get into web development.


Hobbies and Interests

As I said before, I like writing essays and doing informational projects. Sometimes these are just rants or theoreticals, but other times they're well-researched arguments. I primarily use MLA regardless of the subject matter (I don't like APA but I can use it), though a few things here and there might not be right. Usually they're around two or three pages, though some are quite a bit longer. The informational projects are always well-researched and professional, since I'm trying to teach the audience about something.

I also like programming, though mostly it's just web design (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) and Python. I took two semester-long coding classes in high-school, though I didn't learn anything since the first semester was just terms and the second was basic JavaScript — both of which I already knew.

I'm quite interested in politics, economics, and history — though the way these are all taught in school is terrible. Textbooks and exams where never really my thing, more of a slideshow and video kind'o gal. Not going to lie, I learned more from YouTube videos than I did in my entire twelve years of school. (Problem is, YT suppresses certain information so you really have to dig for it.)

I really like alternate history, theorizing what would happen if events had gone differently. What if Rome never fell, what if the Americas never existed, what if Germany won World War One or Two — that kind of stuff. It's really entertaining if you're into politics or history.

Politics and Economics


I tend to be right-wing socially, but left-wing economically. For example, I'm pro-life, support universal health-care (at the state level), believe in constitutional carry, and advocate for a Universal Basic Income (UBI).

I generally consider myself to be a National Corporatist; Corporatism is a form of Syndicalism in which the economy is organized into corporate groups under a trade federation. This "Congress of Industries", as I like to call it, would decide economic policy instead of the House and Senate, and each industry would not only be given representation, but the right to self-govern to the same extent as the States. Unlike mainstream Syndicalists, we distrust worker's unions (they're a vector of Communism) and instead propose democratic guilds, where both Capital and Labor would have a say. (This means Corporatism is neither capitalist nor socialist, being economically centrist and syncretic.)

I'm a Centrist because I reject the left and the right — Democrats and Republicans — Capitalism and Socialism. I often call myself an "alt-Centist" because I'm anti-establishment and much more radical than typical Centrists. I've also referred to myself as a "Radical Centrist" and "Objective Centrist" (this refers to my position on the political compass, which is further left economically than most politicians).

I'm a Nationalist, believing we need to preserve our culture and way of life — I don't believe countries or governments equate to Nations, however, so this doesn't mean I'm entirely loyal to the US government. Nations are people, not paper. I'm actually more of a Dixon (Southern) Nationalist, though I embrace Multinationalism — that is: the idea that there are Nations within Nations. So I consider myself both a Dixon Nationalist and American Nationalist — and even an Anglo (the English-speaking world) Nationalist.

I also call myself a Progressive-Conservative, which is similar to what Theodore Roosevelt believed in (best President, by the way). The Prohibition party could also be considered Progressive-Conservative (the idea of Prohibition is an inherent P-C one). P-C generally proposes that we balance the need for progress with the need for conserving our way of life — that progress must be sought when it doesn't endanger our culture, and that our culture should be maintained so long as it doesn't endanger progress.

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